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Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing offers the latest, recovery-oriented strategies to manage symptoms and take your life back from trauma.

The decision to begin working on your trauma is not an easy one, but it is an essential step on your journey into healing. In Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing, clinical psychologist Dr. Elena Welsh delivers an actionable workbook with new strategies to rebuild from trauma and start living the life you want to lead.

Based on scientifically-backed therapeutic strategies, Dr. Welsh will teach you practical, proven effective skills for working through trauma and healing your mind, body, and spirit. The exercises in Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing have helped thousands of trauma survivors cope and find relief from trauma-related symptoms in daily life.

Whether the source of your trauma was one experience or a series of ongoing events, with Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing you will:

Understand trauma with an in-depth introduction that addresses the wide range of symptoms associated with trauma as well as physical symptoms and illnesses.
Discover the root of your trauma with self-diagnostic quizzes and reflective assessments to help you identify personal triggers and the specific symptoms you are experiencing.
Take your life back with actionable strategies that deepen your mind-body connection and incorporate wellness habits into your everyday life.
Trauma Survivors’ Strategies for Healing arms you with the tools you need to heal, thrive, and enjoy life beyond trauma.


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