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❤️The ORIGINAL DBT Mega Bundle❤️

I’ve been practicing DBT for many years and made sure to include all the skills plus some extras that I’ve found helpful.

This bundle includes every single DBT skill from the modules Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness. An index is included and all pages are divided by module. There are also a ton of bonus worksheets on boundaries, affirmations, self-care and other coping skills.

DBT is for everyone! Be more mindful in day to day life, regulate, manage and process your emotions, learn how to tolerate distress/cope with stress, and improve your relationships/communication skills.

This bundle includes:
✔️48 DBT Flash Cards
✔️80+ DBT Worksheets
✔️DBT Skills Tracker
✔️DBT Cheat Sheet
✔️DBT Planner
✔️Emotion Wheel
✔️Emotion List
✔️Notes Page
✔️And more!


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