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Hope and light are on the horizon to help clients overcome the challenges of healing and releasing the pain of relational trauma.

The highly acclaimed Transcending Trauma explores a unique, compassionate, and evidence-based approach to resolving complex and dissociative trauma. In this transformative book Frank Anderson, MD, masterfully details an IFS path to therapy that allows clients to access their inherent capacity for healing – called Self-energy – while also helping them welcome, as opposed to manage, the extreme emotions frequently associated with trauma.

Included are clinical case examples, summary charts, current neuroscience research, and personal stories that will enable your clients to reclaim self-connection, experience self-love, and regain the ability to connect with and love others. Designed with clinicians in mind, this book offers a comprehensive map to complex trauma treatment that will enable readers to:
Learn how to stay calm and steady in the presence of extreme symptoms
Discover a different approach to resolving attachment trauma
Gain confidence when addressing shame, neglect, and dissociation
Understand the neurobiology of PTSD and dissociation
Integrate neuroscience-informed therapeutic interventions
Effectively address medications and common comorbidities
Incorporate IFS with other models of treatment


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