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If your therapy clients have anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship difficulties, or chronic low self-esteem, they may also be struggling with underlying shame. This workbook will give you proven tools and techniques to help your clients overcome the debilitating negative thought patterns and feelings of never being good-enough that often result from core shame. Combining 40 years of experience as an educator, child development specialist, and clinician, Dr. Patti Ashley created Shame-Informed Therapy to help clinicians crack the code on the often unseen and unspoken aspects of core shame, and develop more effective treatment for even your most resistant clients.-Understand, demystify, and treat the neurobiology of core shame-Work with Polyvagal Theory and the Four Therapeutic Rs: Recognize, Respect, Regulate, & Re-Story-Individualize somatic techniques that build and sustain self-compassion-Develop therapeutic empathy and balance power in the therapy room-Recognize how shame-informed therapy is a Hero’s Journey


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