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The groundbreaking 7-week plan for managing anxiety and depression using cognitive behavioral therapy

Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective techniques for finding relief from depression and anxiety. After 15 years of successfully treating patients using cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychologist Dr. Seth Gillihan developed this self-directed 7-week plan that teaches you practical CBT techniques that can help you feel better.

Benefits of the Retrain Your Brain workbook:

IDENTIFY & CHANGE NEGATIVE THOUGHT PATTERNS: Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you identify and replace thought patterns and behaviors that aren’t working with new ones that work better.
WEEKLY ACTIVITIES: The unique weekly structure of this therapy workbook is designed so each activity builds on the previous week’s work as you apply these techniques in your daily life. Relatable, real-life examples make the information and activities more accessible to CBT newcomers.
GREAT FOR BOTH SPORADIC & CONSTANT ANXIETY: Whether feelings of depression and anxiety occur constantly or sporadically, you can create a CBT tool kit to help you get through those feelings and realize your full potential. Great for adults, kids, and teens.
Take the first step to finding relief and discovering the power of cognitive behavioral therapy today with help from Retrain Your Brain.


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