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Has someone ever taken advantage of you for their benefit? Do you want to learn to defend yourself against Mental Manipulation or do you want to learn easy how to use Dark Psychology to get what you want from people without them even knowing it?
You should know that most of our choices are generated and managed through the application of specific methods of Covert Manipulation.
Knowing these techniques is certainly important!
Also, who doesn’t like being able to persuade and manipulate people?
By reading this book, you will learn the secrets the people who fascinate you use to make themselves magnetic and irresistible through the use of powerful persuasion, deception and dark psychology. Discover the techniques that make them master manipulators.

Through this beginner’s guide, the author William Cooper will provide you with all the knowledge and strategies you need to learn Mental Manipulation, Emotional Manipulation and the process of Mind Control, teaching you how to discover Deception and protect yourself from Brainwashing.
Here is just a small selection of what you will find in this book:
✔️ Why Dark Psychology is innately part of who we are as humans as well as how to exploit that to your advantage (pag. 21);
✔️ How to face common situations of manipulation in real life, using Dark Psychology strategies that most people are unaware of (pag. 32);
✔️ Why people lie and how to learn secret tactics against deception and misleading behaviors (pag.249);
✔️ How to recognize a Manipulator (pag. 123);
✔️ Signs of Emotional Abuse: How to Recognize the Patterns of Narcissism, Manipulation, and Control in Your Love Relationship (pag. 84);
✔️ How to Speak Up, Set Boundaries, and Break the Cycle of Manipulation and Control with Your Abusive Partner (pag. 95);
✔️ Toxic Relationships and Friendships, as well as how to avoid them (pag. 135);
✔️ Discover 40 Covert Emotional Manipulation Techniques (pag. 45-144);
✔️ Killer Mind Control tricks that will blow you away (pag. 141);
✔️ The Brainwashing Techniques used to control you and how to react to them (pag.152);
✔️ BONUS: 10 Psychology Tricks to Influence Anyone (pag. 313).
Reading this book you’ll learn the most powerful principles in the world of Dark Psychology.
Not sure if you’ll be able to use them in practice?
Don’t worry! Each chapter explains an aspect of Dark Psychology in a way that is easily accessible and readily understandable for all.


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