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In this book you will find 102 new and exciting ways to turn ordinary games into Therapy Games. Each game used in the book comes with five or more ways to make simple changes that create a new and unique therapeutic experience. In addition to the 102 game options, there’s also a section on how playing the game itself without any changes can have therapeutic value. Each game also comes with Discussion Prompts to add to the therapeutic experience of the game.

You will find a chapter for each of the following games or game supplies: APPLES TO APPLES, OPERATION, TABOO, CHUTES AND LADDERS, MONOPOLY, THE UNGAME, JENGA, LET’S GO FISHIN’, RORY’S STORY CUBES, SCRABBLE or BANANAGRAMS, IMAGINIFF, Cards and Dice, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Foam Balls.

Just pull a game off the shelf, follow the directions found in this book, and occasionally add some simple items like paper and pens. You re now ready to play fun, engaging, and brand new therapy games!


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