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n The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Competition, Stephen M. Garcia, Avishalom Tor, and Andrew J. Elliot review and organize the literature on the psychology of competition and bring together leading researchers studying competition across the field of psychology. The first section on Biological Approaches reviews findings on competition from the subfields of psychobiology, neuroscience, psycho-endocrinology, and evolutionary psychology. The section on Motivational and Emotional Approaches examines the opposing motivational forces in competition and describes how competitive motivation is influenced by goals, competitive arousal, and envy. Cognitive and Decision-Making Approaches showcases relevant findings from the literature on judgment and decision making, social dilemmas, cognitive biases, and risk-taking. The section on Social-Personality and Organizational Approaches includes chapters on trait competitiveness, gender differences in competition, rivalry, status competition, and social comparison. The volume concludes with a section in which the psychological study of competition is focused on specific contexts, such as sports, education, and culture. The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Competition is a crucial interdisciplinary investigation into the variety of perspectives and approaches to the psychology of competition, facilitating new research and integration in the field.


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