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“Survival Theory II blows the doors off conventional preparedness logic. This book can and will save your life. Truly, a must read.” – Jesse Wilbur, CEO – TheSurvivalSummit.com

“Jonathan Hollerman’s books should be required reading for every policymaker, defense professional, and emergency manager.” – Lt. Col. Tommy Waller (USMCR), CEO – Center for Security Policy

“Forget what you THINK you know about a long-term grid down scenario. Survival Theory II is the most in-depth breakdown of the human response to that situation that I’ve ever seen.” – Coby Coonradt, The Casual Preppers Podcast

“Americans need to know the hard truths about what will happen if we don’t harden our power grid. Hollerman uses historical and psychological research to paint the grim reality. A must read! ” – Forrest Garvin, CEO – PrepperNet.com

This book is not a ten-step plan to survive the Zombie Apocalypse or a survival guide for natural disasters. It is a discussion on human psychology and physiology, and the threats posed by starvation psychosis during a prolonged, total collapse scenario.

Jonathan Hollerman will present evidence that debunks longstanding preparedness beliefs. Many “survival experts” dangerously underestimate the threat posed by millions of starving, desperate people and the necessity of fleeing major population centers after a societal collapse event.

Confronting your normalcy bias will not to be easy. The data presented should radically transform the way you currently think about preparedness. You may question everything you know about post-SHTF survival, resulting in major adjustments to your family’s current survival plan of action.


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