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Unlock the life-changing power of self-love with this workbook for women

In a woman’s journey toward realizing her full potential, embracing self-love is a powerful step. The Self-Love Workbook for Women empowers women to focus on their own emotional health and make positive changes by nurturing self-compassion. By building better relationships with themselves, women can develop the confidence they need to take on the world.

Witty prompts, quizzes, and creative activities designed by therapist Megan Logan make it fun to build self-care habits. Proven therapeutic tools and insightful writing exercises put women in touch with their thoughts and feelings and help them let go of doubt. Full of warm affirmations, this workbook encourages women to develop a positive mindset that will move them toward greater self-esteem and happiness.

Deepen self-love and grow stronger as a woman with the help of this interactive workbook.


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