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Fundamentals of Brain and Behavior provides an accessible introduction to the study of human neuroscience.

The book has been carefully designed to accompany a typical entry-level course, covering core topics including the function and structure of the nervous system, basic human motivations, stress and health, and cognitive functioning. In addition to traditional topics, the book also includes dedicated chapters on the social brain, neurocognitive disorders, and brain imaging techniques, ensuring students gain a thorough understanding of the field in its broadest sense. An evolutionary approach is also taken throughout, providing a truly unique perspective on our understanding of brain and behavior. The text is supported by colorful and informative diagrams, alongside a plethora of student-friendly features such as learning objectives, case studies, and concept checks.

The book is also supported by online resources including basics of neuroscience videos. Helping students understand the basics of human neuroscience across evolutionary time, Fundamentals of Brain and Behavior is an essential text for all students of Behavioral Neuroscience, especially those approaching the subject for the first time.


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