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BUNDLE OF 11 School Counseling Worksheets for Teens / Middle & High School (402 pages) for your classroom, therapy, school social work & counseling office

♥ Worksheets & handouts for teens (ages 13+) to manage anxiety, challenge negative thoughts & build self-esteem & boost self-confidence

♥ Engaging workbook & SEL social emotional learning resource for your classroom, school counseling, psychology or social work office

Workbook #1: Self-esteem and Confidence Self-discovery Workbook (45 pages)
♥ Help students to overcome self-doubt and build self-confidence and self-esteem. The workbook contains worksheets and exercises designed to help teens explore their self-image, set goals, and learn positive self-talk to develop a healthy relationships with self and others to feel empowered and self-assured

1. What is Self-esteem? (1 pg)
2. Activity: This is Me (1 pg)
3. Activity: Identifying My Core Beliefs (3pg)
4. Activity: Challenging Negative Core Beliefs about Yourself (4pg)
5. Activity: Recognizing Strengths (2pg)
6. Activity: Recognizing Accomplishments (2pg)
7. Activity: Self-Appreciation Project (2pg)
8. Activity: Acts of Kindness (5 pg)
9. Activity: SMART Goals (5 pg)
10. Daily Gratitude Journal (2 pg)
11. Weekly Self-care Plan (1 pg)
12. Note to self (2 pg)
13. 14-day self-esteem journal (14 pg)
14. Cover Coloring Page (1 pg)

Workbook #2: Challenging Negative Thoughts Workbook (34 pages)
♥ Help students to recognize their negative thoughts & cognitive distortions to turn them into balanced, positive thoughts. Includes a 7-day thought challenging journal to help students to help students to gain awareness of day-to-day thought patterns and develop self-reflection skills

Cover & Coloring page cover (2 pg)
What is a thought? (1 pg)
Exercise 1: Difference between thought & feeling (1 pg)
Exercise 2: What are negative thoughts? (1 pg)
Questions to challenge negative thoughts (1 pg)
Change your feelings by changing thoughts (1 pg)
Exercise 3: Challenging negative thoughts (1 pg)
Exercise 4: Thought Journal (1 pg)
Exercise 5: Reframing negative thoughts (1 pg)
Exercise 6: S.T.O.P. Technique (1 pg)
Cognitive distortions (1 pg)
Types of Cognitive Distortions (3 pg)
Exercise 7: Recognizing cognitive distortions (1 pg)
Exercise 8: Types of cognitive distortions (1 pg)
ABC Model (2 pg)
Exercise 9 & 10 : ABC Model (3 pg)
Feelings wheel (1 pg)
Thought Journal (1 pg)
Weekly thought journal (8 pg)

Workbook #3: Overcoming and Managing Anxiety Workbook (50 pages)
♥ Help students to manage and overcome anxiety by understanding of its triggers, causes & symptoms to develop self-awareness, self-care skills, positive coping skills and positive self-talk.

What is anxiety? (1 pg)
Causes of Anxiety (1 pg)
Activity:Anxiety Triggers (2 pg)
Activity: How does anxiety feel in my body? (2 pg)
Activity: Other symptoms of anxiety (3 pg)
Activity: Anxiety Iceberg (3 pg)
Avoidance coping and approach coping (3 pg)
Activity: Identifying my coping strategies (7 pg)
Activity: Positive Self-talk for anxiety (3 pg)
Activity: Practicing positive self-talk (3 pg)
Activity: Creating your own coping cards (3 pg)
Activity: Healthy Coping skills (3 pg)
Activity: Coping Skills Diary (1 pg)
Activity: Creating a weekly Self-care plan (3 pg)
Activity: Mindfulness Exercises (8 pg)
Anxiety Log (1 pg)
Mood Tracker (1 pg)
Reflections (2 pg)
Cover Coloring Page (1 pg)

Flashcards #4: Set of 25 Cognitive Distortion Flashcards
♥ Help students to learn, gain awareness, and identify cognitive distortions to overcome them. Helpful tool for your counseling office to support social emotional learning.

▸ Control Fallacy, Should Statements, Personalization, Labelling, Overgeneralization, Using Feelings as Facts, Unfair Comparisons, All-or-nothing thinking and much, much more!

Worksheet #5 Urge Surfing (17 Pages)
♥ Help students develop mindfulness skills to observe their urge rather than attempting to resist or ignore as well as reminding them that urges come and go – they are transient experiences which can be managed through regular practice of urge surfing

Urge Surfing Workbook Cover (1 pg)
Urge Surfing (1 pg)
Activity: Urge Surfing (2 pg)
About Urges (1 pg)
How to surf the urge (1 pg)
Activity: Urge Surfing Journal? (2 pg)
Breathing Techniques (1 pg)
Positive Self-reminders (2 pg)
Activity: What are my actions?
5 Mindfulness Script Cards (5 pg)
Coloring Page Cover (1 pg)

Worksheet #6 Anger Management (32 Pages)
♥Help students to learn how to better manage their emotions, recognize their triggers and how to respond in a healthy way using calming strategies. Includes an anger journal (2 pg) to help students to help develop self-reflection skills or it can be used as a helpful check in tool to improve home-school connection

Anger Management Workbook Cover (1 pg)
Coloring Page Cover (1 pg)
Activity: Anger Volcano (2 pg)
Activity: Physical Symptoms (2pg)
Activity: Anger Meter (2 pg)
Activity: Anger Cycle (2 pg)
Activity: What are my triggers? (1 pg)
Activity: What are my thoughts? (3 pg)
Activity: Self-talk
Activity: What are my actions?
Activity: Anger Cycle Reflections (1 pg)
Cool Down Strategies (2 pg)
STOP Technique (1 pg)
Activity: Cool Down Choices Dice (3 pg)
Activity: Anger Safety Plan (2 pg)
Anger Journal (5 pg)
Anger Rules Coloring Page (1 pg)
5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique Coloring Page (1 pg)
Rainbow Ground Technique Coloring Page (1 pg)

Worksheet #7 Things I Can Control (15 pages)
♥ Help kids take charge of their lives! This worksheet helps kids learn that there are things that they can control and outside of their control

▸ Activity: Identifying things I can and cannot control
▸ Activity: What can I do to better respond to things I can control?
▸ Activity: What can I do to better respond to things I cannot control?
▸ Activity: Cut and Paste Activity
▸ 1-page Reflection Journal to understand things I can and cannot control
▸ 3 Coloring Pages that are positive reminders for your students

Worksheet #8 Create and Maintain Healthy Boundaries Workbook (61 Pages)
♥ Practical and easy-to-follow exercises to help students identify, understand, and create and maintain healthy personal boundaries, to communicate their needs effectively with others to foster healthier, more fulfilling relationships

What are boundaries (1pg)
Type of personal boundaries (3pg)
Exploring & understanding Physical, Material, Sexual, Time, Verbal, Emotional Boundaries (27pg)
Boundary Circle (4 pg)
My Physical Responses (2pg)
Affirmation Statements (2pg)
Boundaries Quiz (5pg)
Boundary Setting Statements (6 pg)
Personal Boundaries Journal (2pg)
Reflection Questions (4 pg)

Worksheet #9 Growth Mindset (12 Pages)
♥ Help your students develop a growth mindset, and a positive attitude towards learning, encourage them to embrace challenges, and inspire them to persist in the face of obstacles.

What is Growth Mindset? (1 pg)
Fixed vs Growth Mindset (1 pg)
Changing my mindset (1 pg)
Things I Can Grow (1 pg)
Self-reflection (1 pg)
Power of yet (1 pg)
Overcoming challenges (1 pg)
Learning a new skill (1 pg)
Advice to a friend ( 1 pg)
Coloring page I can grow my brain (1 pg)
Growth mindset word search (1 pg)
Growth Mindset poster (1 pg)
What is the size of the worksheet?
8.5×11 Letter Size

Worksheet #10 Self-esteem Bucket (5 Pages)
♥ Help your students build self-confidence and develop a positive self-image

➜ You will receive Self-esteem bucket 8.5×11 PDF Download (5 pages):
Self-esteem bucket (1 pg)
What fills my bucket? (1 pg)
What puts holes in my bucket? (1 pg)
What mends the hole? (1 pg)
Note to self (1 pg)
What file format will I receive?
You will receive PDF Files

Workbook #11 Mega DBT Skills Worksheet Bundle (140+ pg)
• Learn the tools and techniques to manage intense emotions
• Improve communication and relationships with loved ones
• Master mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation skills
• Overcome self-destructive behaviors and negative thought patterns
• Develop a stronger sense of self and boost self-esteem
• Gain insight into patterns of behavior and learn how to change them

♥ With practical exercises, insightful worksheets, and engaging activities, you’ll develop the skills and resilience you need to thrive in your life.

You will receive:
1. DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Worksheets (22 pg):
• You’ll learn how to improve your communication and relationships with others.
• You’ll gain valuable skills for negotiating, setting boundaries, and asking for what you need.
• You’ll practice handling difficult situations and emotions with confidence and grace.

2. DBT Emotional Regulation Skills Worksheets (30 pg):
• You’ll discover powerful techniques for managing intense emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression.
• You’ll develop greater self-awareness and learn to identify and label your emotions.
• You’ll learn how to regulate your emotions and improve your overall emotional well-being.

3. DBT Distress Tolerance Skills Worksheets (22 pg):
• You’ll learn how to tolerate distressing situations without making things worse.
• You’ll practice skills for self-soothing, distraction, and improving the moment.
• You’ll develop greater resilience and the ability to cope with life’s challenges.

4. DBT Mindfulness Skill (14 pg)s:
• You’ll learn about the benefits of mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your daily life.
• You’ll discover a variety of mindfulness exercises and techniques to help you stay present and focused.
• You’ll develop greater self-awareness and learn how to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

5. Subjective Units of Distress Scale Worksheets + Radical Acceptance Coping Statements (4 pg):
• You’ll learn how to rate your distress level on a scale from 0 to 10.
• You’ll practice using this scale to track your emotions and monitor your progress over time.
• You’ll develop a greater understanding of your emotional reactions and how to manage them effectively.

6. DBT House Worksheets (12 pg):
• You’ll create a visual representation of the skills you’re learning in the workbook.
• You’ll develop a roadmap for your journey towards emotional well-being.
• You’ll have a tangible reminder of the progress you’re making and the skills you’re mastering.

7. 10 Mindfulness Grounding Exercises (10 pg):
• You’ll learn a variety of grounding exercises to help you stay present and focused.
• You’ll practice techniques for connecting with your senses and your environment.
• You’ll develop greater resilience and the ability to stay centered in the face of stress and anxiety.

8. DBT Skills 12-day Journal & 10 coloring pages (27 pg):
• You’ll have a structured way to practice the skills you’re learning in the workbook.
• You’ll be able to reflect on your progress and identify areas for improvement.
• You’ll have a creative outlet for self-expression and stress relief.


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